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Terms and conditions

The management and staff at BuyManualBacklinks thank you for your decision to purchase with us.  We would like to make you aware of our policies with regard to purchase and return.  First, we charge a 0.07 sales tax since it is required by Georgia law, not because we just want to. 

As well, once placed and executed, all sales are final because once backlinks are set on websites throughout the internet on your behalf then we are not able to remove those links.  However, you have the ability to remove these backlinks using the Google disavow tool or by asking the webmaster that manages the backlink host site. 

We are not acting on behalf of you as an agent of your company, we are at all times independent contractors for your SEO services.  By purchasing and completing payment to us for SEO services you acknowledge that you are entering into an agreement with us and that we will be placing backlinks pointing to your website with your specified keywords on various website throughout the internet. 

Additionally, by completing payment, you affirm that you will hold and BuyManualBacklinks, its staff, employees, it contractors, owners, and operators completely blameless and do hereby endemnify them from all liablility resulting from actions taken against your website due to your website's linking practices such as delisting, deranking, SERP removal, and any other such negative result as a direct or indirect consequence of search engine optimization strategies.  This clause is, of course, superceded by all state of Georgia codes and applicable laws.  You do furthermore agree in the event of any litigious proceedings that you will do so only within the jurisdiction of the state of Georgia and that all claims, liabilities, or proceedings would be held in the appropriate Georgia county. 

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